Tales From Domina's Valley 11

Saturday, April 05, 2014

Tech stuff - before and after simple postworking

Sometimes I wonder myself how weird renders become nice, specially in the covers.

Well, that's why I DO weird renders, with more details and little effects, grayish, dead looking, them in post work I create the effect I want:

Of course I did this render with 4 light sets,and only this last one did its job.

And that's my trick for rendering night scenes: do it grayish, not so dark, then you can use curves and other filters to darken it, saturate it and fake the light colors.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Light test for Cheap Tricks III Chapter 6

The scene is assembled, now just testing lights for the come back of Ron's Gym in the main story line. I know, there are a lot of questions that will be answered, questions that were not in the parts I and II of the story.

Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Domina's Valley - New Skin

Hello guys.

I'm testing some new stuff in order to make Jessy and Giselle more real, because they are the focus of the story.

This is the 2nd skin changing for them, maybe I need to change a bit their color making Jessy a little bit more pink/white and put a "bit more of coffee" in Giselle's skin, but the overall result is really good.

The changing is needed to Giselle because... well, she is getting too "big" and her skin is not perfect yet.

What do you guys think?

ALSO - I'm installing a huge set of content, sometimes testing it. Because of that I'm not posing or rendering stories.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

28th January 2014 - Last updates

Hello guys.

Last updates for my stories and etc:

  • DV 11 - The rendering is going VERY slow. I solved a couple of issues here and there but some renders just take a long time to get ready. Might because of the multiple lights once there are characters everywhere in that scene. Release time is now a mystery.
  • CT III 6 - Scripts going very well, thanks. I must be sure DV renders are good and I will also install a huge set of new content before assembling the remaining parts and posing. Release time - About 1 month after DV11 depending on the rendering time.
  • DV 12 - Script done, pending final revision and rendering count. I'm really anxious for posing this one.
  • CT III 7 - Script in the draft stage, nearly 20% done.
  • DV 13 - I'm planning about this, it will be the Winter season in Domina's Valley.
  • CT III 8 - Not even in my plans these days, but might feature Audrey beginning her GTS operation.
  • Secret Project 1 - 10 characters, 5 nearly the way I want. Might be a short story. Paid or not I don't know, I'm just studying it.
  • Hardware upgrade - The water cooler is doing its work (I might live in the neighborhood of Satan, hell, it is hot here) and I can't upgrade before they release something with real performance improvement by an affordable price. I'll need to wait until the next generation of processors by the end of 2014 because waht we have in the marker now are only 5-to-15% faster than my actual computer from 2010. What a shame, lntel :(
Real life is taking a lot of my attention, but every time I can I make something for the giantess dream.

Talk to you guys again soon :)

Saturday, January 04, 2014

Domina's Valley - Gift - Wishes for 2014

This is my 2014 gift to you guys who support and follow my work.

I did a little game in giantesscity.com asking people about their wishes for 2014, posing the story in a system like a-wish-worth-a-picture.

Despite of the extra work for right by the end of year with 2 projects going I had this great idea bringing for the first time a "story" based in one of the longest sequences of growth ever seen, beginning from a 7' tall Jessy turning into a "goddess" Jessy.

The game was very funny and was my fist attempt to build a ultra giantess. It was funny because I let my instincts grow her into immense proportions, but I like girls as big as I can hug their waists or at least their breast, hehe.

Enjoy the story, it is outside the DV's story line and this chapter is free.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Wishes for 2014 - 2014 free Gift

There is a tread running at Giantesscity. Look for my post and you guys may find MOAR Jessy.