Tales From Domina's Valley 11

Sunday, July 27, 2014

LiveTheGiantessDream Log | 2014-07-27

Main Project - Domina's Valley Chapter 12
Scenes 1 and 2 (pictures) - Rendered
Scene 3 (pictures) - Rendering
Text from scenes 1, 2 and 3 - Sent for proofreading
Scene 4 and 5 - Finished Script
Release date - Hopefully in August

Characters Skin Update- Improvements being applied when they appear in the new chapters.
Domina's Valley Chapter 13 - Base Script finished
Cheap Tricks III Chapter 7 - Base Script finished
Cheap Tricks III Chapter 8 - Base Script finished (damn huge and complicated chapter)
Projects Emerald, Average Guy, RBTM, TB, MGts - Base script and characters under development, most of them are close to their first chapter but they are not priorities.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Some Update

I really need to create an online schedule -.-

Finished a huge organization in my content. I will have more time to the story now.

Scenes 1 and 2 - rendered.
Scene 3 - Assembled and light set ok, remain posing.
Scene 4 - Nothing yet :(
Scene 5 - I'm not sure it will be necessary.

Talk to you guys again soon, I'm busy.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Project Jade is over. But just look who is back ;)

Sometimes it is just too hard to keep going, and this is what happened to Jades's Project, that was not interesting at all.

The subject of the tallest girl in the world was not exactly good, the idea came without more inspiration and the study was incomplete. After thinking a lot about it I decided to "cancel" the project.

The point is that I put "her" in another story much more interesting and keeping all the good stuff she could show us in her original story.

Today I've found this cute face that suited her perfectly and I did some tests based in what is already written about this project. You know, I like the results ;)

Remain 1 project hidden from you guys.

Soon I will show you.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Outdoor Light test - Tales From Domina's Valley

Since I had to migrate for DS46 I've been testing and organizing a lot of stuff.
Because of that I stopped building the stories because I had to be sure it would work: the scenes are enormous and the other times I tried to migrate it was a huge waste of time.

Now seems that everything is going very well, them I'm finishing with the light and interface studies, upgrading all the characters skin and scenes, fortunately nothing complicated.

I'm posting a small series of renders without post work, only a small color correction I always do in my renders, automatic stuff, for your appreciation.

I corrected Jessy's skin right under her eyes, and the result seems fair. Despite the fact that in the huge closes it seems strange, the results in average renders are pretty good.